Customer Faq’s

Answers for general questions

  • 01. I am a new start up agency. What do I need to do to get E&O insurance?

    Call us at (616) 988-4470 to get things started, or you can complete our Online Indication Form.

  • 02. Are all E&O markets the same?

    No, all markets are not the same. Here are a few questions to consider when comparing markets: Does the carrier offer first dollar defense? Do they offer defense inside or outside the limits? Do they cover temporary employees or 1099 independent contractors? How much experience or years have they been in the E&O market? Will they honor your current retroactive date?

  • 03. What is the difference between an “admitted” and “non-admitted” insurance company?

    An “admitted” insurance company has been approved by the State of Michigan and must comply with all state regulations regarding insurance, including filing their rates with the state. In the event that the insurance company fails financially, the state will step in to make payments on claims as necessary.   A “non-admitted” insurance company does not necessarily comply with state insurance regulations, and they have more pricing flexibility as they do not have to submit their rates to the state for review. If they become insolvent, there is no guarantee that your claims will be paid, even if your case ...

  • 04. What markets or carriers do you represent?

    We represent Utica Mutual, Liberty Mutual, Arch Insurance, USLI, Scottsdale, Admiral, Landmark and Lloyd’s of London. Please contact us and we will find a market that fits your needs.

  • 05. I would like to get an E&O quote. What do I need to do?

    Call us at (616) 988-4470 to get things started, or you can complete our Online Indication Form.

  • 06. What Lunch and Learn E&O seminars are offered to AIFS policyholders?

    We offer four complimentary one hour Lunch and Learn seminars relating to E&O. Agents E&O – Items to Know Insurance Agents Claims – From an E&O Perspective Insurance Agents Claims – More Lessons Learned Certificates of Insurance – Nuisance or Necessity

  • 07. Do the carriers offer any credits to reduce my E&O premium?

    Yes, there are a variety of credits available depending on the insurance carrier. Please contact us for a more detailed analysis.